Wedding day questionnaire


This questionnaire is to make sure your wedding day goes by smoothly & I won't need to bother you with questions. Our goal is to make sure your wedding day does not feel like a photo-shoot. It's important to us that you are relaxed as you celebrate, trusting that we'll be documenting everything that's important to you. 

If you have a rough-draft timeline, please send that over as well. If not, we'd love to help make one. Please fill out these questions as best as possible, thanks!

(You can also see a timeline example here).

Please feel free to also send us over a simple mood board / or pinterest album / or just your favorite photos.

Only if different from Ceremony Location
If your location has a bridal suite, we encourage you to finalize your getting ready shots at your venue, especially for the bride since we want that dress lookin' fresh!
ie. wedding planner, maid-of-honor, best man, siblings, etc.
Planning to see one another before the ceremony allows for a more relaxing, un-rushed wedding day. You'll also get lots more couples photos as well as family/wedding party this way. We highly recommend a first look for every wedding. If you want to keep it traditional, no worries! It will all work out beautifully.
I love to share my images from your big day with the team that made it all possible!
What's their email / website?
This is only a possibility if you're both getting ready at the same hotel.
Wedding Day Photo Specifications
Any specific spots at the venue that you have to have a photo at together?
Please feel free to describe, or email over any exact photos if you want to recreate.
I want to be sensitive to any family members that may not want to be in a photo together -- awkward!!
The first kiss, together at sunset, hugging grandma, etc.
If a specific wedding or engagement session comes to mind, feel free to list it :)
Please note that I go up with the bridal party to get food so I can eat quickly and be ready to roll by the next event!
Will there be time to take some couples photos during sundown?
Sunset is the most beautiful time of day for photos! However, we know we can't always make it work but even 5 minutes would probably give you your favorite wedding photos! That's definitely true for me :)
Nitty Gritty
This may seem excessive but this really helps me get into your head a bit and plan for where to put the most energy into your wedding day!
Please rate the importance of each thing below *
Please rate the importance of each thing below
Agree= Yes, please prioritize! Disagree= Not the top of the list. On a wedding day, we generally shoot in a photo-journalistic style. Which means we won't be interrupting your wedding day to create posed scenarios. We will photograph what really happens, and we'll do posed photos during the planned portrait time. We do our best to work off of a typical check-list, but since each wedding is completely different we can't guarantee that everything will be documented. Please rate below the things that are some "must-haves" for you.
Details of dress/rings/flowers
Details of ceremony/reception decor
Getting ready - hair/make up
Putting on dress/attire
Bride/groom reading cards/opening gifts
Posed Couple Photos (traditional / classic / the ones your moms will probably put on their fridge)
Candid Couple Photos (walking around / hanging out / dancing)
Conceptual Portraits ("artsy", staged for the aesthetic. Sometimes a deadpan/non-emotional look, not much interaction between you).
Landscape / Far Away Setting Couple Photos (Little people, big setting)
Intimate Couple Portraits (close up / PDA)
5 minute Sunset Photo Session (If you want, we'll steal you away for a quick minute around dinner time to get some fun sunset lit photos)
Formal Wedding Party Photos
Formal Shots w/ Each Wedding Party Member
Formal Family Photos
Candids of Family/Friends
Formal Shots of Guests
Ceremony Traditions
Reception Events