Ashley + James - Wedding

These high school sweethearts tied the knot after 9 years (!!) together at a beautiful new venue in the Port of Los Angeles, CRAFTED. I've never met a groom who made me laugh and cry so much! His love for Ashley is so clear in the way he looks at's just craziness. And then he goes into a perfect Ron Burgundy impression out of nowhere! He's a hoot and a sweet heart. Ashley is a natural beauty (literally, she usually doesn't wear any makeup and still looks like a supermodel) and is super smart t'boot! I learned so much from her practical approach to wedding planning. She was determined to keep things simple and pulled it of with stride! Flowers? Who needs em when you have a bridesmaid who will create paper succulents for you?! Seriously -- so cool! Because they were working with such a huge space (like, HUGE), they chose to skip the formal caterer and had tacos instead. This allowed them to invite nearly 300 of their friends and family without having to worry about the cost per head much at all! See what I'm saying? Genius this girl. This wedding was elegant and simple, with a touch of old Hollywood glam. And a whole lot of love!

Venue: CRAFTED,  Port of Los Angeles

DJ: TG2 Entertainment

Make-up/Hair Stylist: Elizabeth Craig

Coordinator: Kristy Kemp

Second Shooter/Partner in Crime: Holly Daze Photography