#SurvivorMade: Cherished LA Summer Lookbook

It’s not very often that a project comes along that makes me pinch myself and ask “And you’re choosing me to capture this??” When Kate of Cherished LA reached out to me and told me what her organization does, I had to pinch myself a few times. Cherished LA creates a home, jobs, and so much more for survivors of human trafficing. I know right? So incredible. Knowing women who have gone overseas to support survivors, I, honestly, was ignorant to the fact that women in the US are being sold into the sex trade as well. Not because I didn’t think it happened here but it’s just hard to believe something so awful actually happens in a free country. It’s devastating but programs like this, women like Kate, who are on the front lines bringing justice, hope and light to the darkest areas of the earth are truly heroes in my eyes. Having the opportunity to marry my passion of spreading the word of hope with my passion for photography, saying I’m honored would be an understatement. I’m humbled and I’m excited to share their vision for the products these beautiful women create!

Summer Lookbook for Cherished LA

Models: Hannah Coelho and Ericka Jones

Styling: Yours Truly

©Kelsey Christine Photography