Levi + Courtney - Intimate Wedding

Levi and Courtney have been dating for 7 years (yes, seven) and I was honored to spend this extremely special day with them! Levi is my husband's cousin so I have known him for years and he is one of the most sincere, kind-hearted men I know - and Courtney is exactly the same way! Courtney is a nursing student and her breaks from school are far too short. Levi proposed at Christmas time and her fellow students thought she was crazy when they decided to get married just a few months later, during her next break. Because she was studying non-stop, her friends and family stepped up and together practically planned this whole day for them! Isn't that amazing? Courtney is literally the most laid-back, hands-off, whatever-happens-happens bride ever! I was so impressed at her ability to relinquish the details and focus solely on her marriage to Levi, not the wedding day. So beautiful! Their love for one another is tangible and heartwarming, so there were very few dry eyes during this ceremony - including the groom (sorry Levi! You're still a stud I promise). They wed at Boathouse By the Bay in the Long Beach Marina, which was perfectly simple and elegant. It was intimate enough for the newlyweds to get photos with every guest, which was so special, and then they were off to the airport for a mini-moon in Lake Arrowhead. I still cannot get over just how beautiful this couple is, inside and out. Love you guys dearly! 

Venue: Boathouse By the Bay 

Hotel: Ayres Hotel Seal Beach

Make-up Artist: Elizabeth Craig